Are You Using Direct Mail as Part of Your Online Marketing?

By Oli Luke

If you currently have success with your online lead-generation BUT you’re not using direct mail as part of the process, then this article will open your eyes.

In fact, I expect it to be directly responsible for some huge changes to your conversion rates over the coming months.

That’s because, integrating physical direct mail with your online lead-generation is one of the quickest ways to increase conversions, turn more leads into sales and build a stronger, more responsive audience.

In this article, I’m going to share four different examples where you can start “plugging in” direct mail to your online marketing efforts to start generating better results.

  1. Lead Magnet Give-Away/Opt-In

If you currently give away a lead-magnet – whether a free report, training or eBook – to acquire leads through your website or through advertising, then the chances are that your process consist of a landing page, a thank you page and an email autoresponder that sends them a digital copy of the lead-magnet.

You then send the lead emails to try to persuade them to purchase from you or apply to work with you.

But what if you introduced direct mail to this process?

Instead of just asking for their name and email address, why don’t you ask for their postal details and phone number also?

Your conversions may take a small dip on the initial landing page, but you’ll then have the opportunity to physically send your lead-magnet to the prospect in which you can include a sales letter or piece of sales material.

The leads that give you their full details (rather than just their email address) are often much higher quality and you have much more data on them – so you’re not relying on one platform like email in order to communicate with them.

If you get their phone number, you can even send them SMS or (god forbid) actually call them!

Sure, there’s a cost attached to this – you’ll have to invest more per lead than you would if it was entirely online, but the conversion of lead to customer will dramatically increase and if you understand the value of each lead/customer to your business, then this decision should become a no-brainer.

  1. Sales Campaigns

 If your business runs campaigns whether to launch new products, offer special offers or open your doors to new clients, then your whole aim is getting your message in front of your audience.

Most businesses do this through one platform.

They send a bunch of emails to their subscribers around the sales period, driving to a video or a sales page – but then that’s typically it.

But what would happen if the campaign also consisted of a print sales letter and/or a series of postcards?

It allows you to get your message in front of your audience, it wins more attention and it will increase the conversion of your campaign.

The problem is, only a small number of businesses ever go to this effort – it’s doing the hard work that makes the selling easy.

  1. Webinars/Tele-Seminars

The biggest struggle with Webinars or Tele-seminars at the moment is not the number of people that register, but the actual percentage of those people that then turn up live (the show-up rate).

Show-up rates are on the decline, with most of our clients Webinars now only getting a 20-40% show-up (whereas just two years ago, the average was a solid 50-70%).

But by using direct mail, we’ve been able to increase the show-up rate.

Want to know how? Well, what we do is break the webinar registration process into two steps.

On step one, we ask them to register for the Webinar in the same way we have always done.

But then on step two, we ask them if they’d like the Webinar worksheets mailed to them prior to the webinar so that they can get the most out of the training (typically converts at about 50%)

Then along with the worksheets, we typically mail a case-study document or some resources that build our expertise to give the prospect more reasons to attend the training.

The direct mail costs are marginal, but this allows us to maximize our show-up rate and increase the chances of the people that do attend being in a position to feel comfortable to make an informed buying decision.

  1. Brochure “Shock & Awe”

A lot of what I’ve discussed above isn’t particularly relevant for some businesses – the thought of running a webinar or giving away a lead magnet might not be relevant for your audience or what you’re selling – especially if it’s high-end or exclusive.

But offline direct mail should still be part of your online lead-generation strategy.

Let me give you an idea, one of my businesses is an exclusive handwritten direct mail company – we don’t serve hundreds of clients, but instead give bespoke quotes to work on the right projects.

This means that our lead-generation is different the large majority and yours may be the same.

What we do is, when an enquiry comes in, we ask for their postal details with the promise that we’ll send them a sample.

But what we do is send them a “Shock & Awe” box.

This is a beautiful branded box that includes one of our brochures, a copy of our latest newsletter, a branded gift and a letter that displays our services.

This box costs us just under £12.00 to print/send – but the impact that it has on the leads that receive it is unbelievable.

This box alone is our biggest sales asset – it turns people that are interested into people that want to buy and become a customer.

If a customer has a significant value to you, then I encourage you to build something special into your enquiry/quote process – as soon as somebody puts their hand up to show interest, then send them something that does the selling for you.

The materials within our box would never have the same impact if they were online – but we know from experience that these materials stay on the prospects desk, get passed around and make our sales persons job easy.

Your Next Steps

 I hope, if I’ve done my job correctly, that I’ve convinced you that integrating direct mail in your online marketing efforts is the right thing to do.

It doesn’t only have an instant impact on your conversions but it allows you to acquire more data on your prospects which will be invaluable to the future of your business (especially with the unpredictably of email marketing and certain platforms).

700k campaign


The “Take-Away” Direct Mail Campaign That Generated $700,000 of Sales from a Small Burnt-Out Email List (Without Having Any of the Subscribers Postal Details).

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700k campaign

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The “Take-Away” Direct Mail Campaign That Generated $700,000 of Sales from a Small Burnt-Out Email List (Without Having Any of the Subscribers Postal Details).

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