“Relationship Augmenting Direct Mail”

Diversify Your Communication, Take Relationships Offline and Cut Through the Noise

Is Direct Mail the Antidote To Your Declining Online Marketing Results?

I’m not going to say that online marketing is dead …

… but it’s definitely tired, aged and sat in its own faeces.

Just look at what’s happened over the past couple of years:

•      The costs to acquire a lead through paid traffic has at least doubled (with most industries CPC’s doubling, trebling and quadrupling)

•      Email open-rates and deliverability are declining – with email providers tightening up SPAM filters, the introduction of GDPR and complete inbox saturation

•      … and the competition for your prospects eyeballs is becoming a blood-bath with most industries now rammed full of idiot noise-makers

It’s got to the stage where what worked just a couple of years ago, no longer works.

And to make matters worse, a lot of businesses have ridden the online wave and have pinned their entire marketing-communication on one or two platforms.

Whether this is email marketing or social media, the future of their business is reliant on a platform that they do not control.

I don’t know about you, but I find this horrifying!

Their business could be decapitated overnight … and they can do nothing about it!

So, what is the answer?

Well, in my opinion, it comes down to three things.



You need to take control of your subscribers/leads/prospects and get their postal information so that you’ll always be able to contact them (regardless of what happens with online platforms).



You need a way of contacting your audience without having to compete with hundreds of other people, notifications and businesses for their attention.



The businesses that will win long term are the ones that are well positioned and trusted by their audience. You need a way of constantly enhancing your reputation to always be the “go to” person in your industry/niche.

If you can nail all three of these, you’ll be able to build a community of raving fans, you’ll be able to drastically increase the responsiveness of your audience and you’ll have real control of your subscribers/leads/customers. So, what’s the solution?

Relationship Augmenting Direct Mail

If you can take your relationship with your subscribers offline, then you have a “blue ocean” to operate in.

There’s hardly any competition, it establishes huge trust/credibility and it allows you to communicate away from the noise.

Look at it this way …

If I said to you that there’s a marketing method that has a 90%+ open-rate, it has hardly any competition and your audience loves to receive it … what would you say?

You’d think I’d stumbled upon some kind of gold incrusted oil.

Direct Mail is one of the most underutilised yet powerful methods of marketing available to businesses, yet the rush to be online has resulted in it being a goldmine.

I help businesses to implement "Relationship Augmenting Direct Mail" to increase the strength of their audience, send “power positioning” regular print publications and use stamps & ink to increase sales and maximise conversions.

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- Oli Luke

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Who Is Oli Luke?

Oli is a leading authority on Direct Mail and offline marketing.

Starting his career as a copywriter, he quickly built a reputation for writing high-performing direct mail campaigns, before consulting and advising companies to send high-impact mailings.

He’s the founder of the UK’s most results-focussed mailing house, Scribble Mail, and works with leading UK brands to send hundeds of thousands of pieces of direct mail every year.

Oli now coaches his “Direct Mail Titans” group while also working hands-on with his clients to build direct mail into their business through his “Direct Mail Implementation” service.

He’s a daddy to 18-month-old Alfie, a soon-to-be-husband to Sophie, has a man-crush on Morrissey and is a life-long Man City fan.