How To Attract Better Quality Leads Into Your Funnels By Tactically Pre-Framing Your Traffic

By Oli Luke

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your traffic?

You know, the people that you actively drive people into your funnels.

Are they hitting your pages and instantly converting, or are they dithering like a newly retired husband?

Well in this article, I want to walk you through three ways of ensuring that every lead that enters your funnel is a perfect match for your products/services and are an “eager-beaver” to give you their money.

Now, before I dive into these three different strategies, I need to lay the foundations.

Let me start with the BIGGEST mistake that I see every bugger making.

They aim for the OPT-IN at the cost of getting the right people.

They seem to think generating low cost opt-ins, attracting people that aren’t a good fit is a better strategy than driving higher quality leads at a higher cost.

ERR-ERR << (that’s the noise when they got an answer wrong in Family Fortunes)

Look, right now – just driving leads by trying to bribe them isn’t sufficient to getting the right people on board.

Instead, the journey of how you acquire them is much more important.

You need to pre-qualify them before they get a chance to opt-in.

The three strategies that I’m going to share with you will allow you to do this.

But before I get into strategy one, you’re probably wondering where you should drive your traffic from.

Google? Twitter? YouTube?

Well, it’s up for debate … but personally, it’s got to be Facebook for me.

If I can’t get traffic converting in Facebook, then I’ve got no chance with any other platform.

I suggest you start there.

Not only is the targeting superior, but it’s much more engaging than any other platform … and you’re audience almost certainly hanging about.

So, if you’re ready – take my hand and let’s get stuck in to the first strategy.

The Blog Post Repeller 

If you want to ensure that every person that joins your list is the most perfect fit for your products and services as possible – then the “Blog Post Repeller” is probably your best bet.

Here’s how it works.

You drive subscribers from your paid traffic route directly to a high-quality blog post.

The blog post is aimed at taking the prospect on a journey by actually giving them a tangible strategy that they can use in order to get results.

The trick with this is to speak directly to your audience, discuss the position that they’re in now (the pain that working with you will solve) and show them step-by-step how to reach where they want to be.

Then at the bottom of the page, you offer them the opportunity to opt-in by offering them something that will help them on their journey.

This will do two things.

  1. The people that don’t fit your audience will lose interest and leave the page – which means that you won’t get any tyre-kickers or people that are not interested in buying from you on your list.
  2. The people that do opt-in are in a certain level of pain, see you as an authority and are highly likely to engage with future content and potentially become a client.

This is a great strategy if you want to acquire a specific kind of audience that are looking for immediate help.

We’ve found that this style of blog post is also a great opportunity to offer readers the chance buy from you/work with you straight away.

A little hyperlink somewhere in the blog that links to a ‘Strategy Call’ or further ‘Work With Me’ style information usually results in a small percentage of applications from people that want your help straight away.

Make sense?

Perfect. Let’s move onto strategy number two.

Call-Out Facebook Video Ads

Let’s get a little deeper into the technical side.

Between my clients and I, we spend upwards of £80,000 per month on Facebook ads at the moment.

Which isn’t huge, but it gives us a good understanding of what converts and what doesn’t.

At the moment, our best converting form of advert is Video Ads.

If you’re on Facebook, then you’ve probably come across these.

You see a video in your newsfeed and if you’re on mobile, as soon as you click the video, it pre-loads the opt-in page underneath.

We’ve found that when we lead with a video – it attracts the right kind of leads and repels the others.

It allows us to call out our audience, explain how we can help them and give them a clear call-to-action.

The best style of video that we’ve found is a documentary style video – one in which that introduces them to the business, explains how we help clients and offers them a call-to-action to opt-in.

Once again, we find that the people that watch this video essentially qualify themselves.

Best of all, video ads are really easy to set up.

Retargeting From Content

Arguably the most effective way of acquiring leads that are in urgent need of your help is through retargeting.

Discover people that have previously shown an interest in you, but are yet to join your email list … and then offer them the opportunity to opt-in.

Seems simple, doesn’t it?

Here’s how it works.

Through Facebook, you can set up custom audiences.

This will allow you to track people that have visited specific pages of your website and build an audience of them within Facebook.

This will give you a hot list of people that have showed an interest in you.

But, you’ll probably find that a percentage of these are already on your subscriber list.

So, in order to eradicate these people, you have to upload your list of subscribers into Facebook.

You can do this by exporting from your CRM system and simply uploading their emails into Facebook’s Custom Audience section.

Then, within your Facebook Power Editor, you can tell to target the custom audience of your web visitors and exclude your custom audience of subscribers.

This will give you a red-hot list of people that have showed an interest but are not currently on your list.

You can then direct an advert at these people, bribing them to become a subscriber.

Make sense?


700k campaign


The “Take-Away” Direct Mail Campaign That Generated $700,000 of Sales from a Small Burnt-Out Email List (Without Having Any of the Subscribers Postal Details).

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700k campaign

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The “Take-Away” Direct Mail Campaign That Generated $700,000 of Sales from a Small Burnt-Out Email List (Without Having Any of the Subscribers Postal Details).

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