How to Turn Unengaged Email Subscribers into $700k of Sales Through The “Take Away” Direct Mail Campaign

By Oli Luke

There are three core types of direct mail campaigns.

  1. Prospecting – sending to cold lists in order to attract leads/customers
  2. Selling – sending to people that know who you are (prospects/ex-customers) in order to sell something
  3. Aiding your sales – the follow-up stick letter, the pre-meeting ‘Shock & Awe’ box, etc.

But when it comes to driving quick BIG profits from a direct mail campaign in exchange for the minimal time/investment, nothing beats the ‘Selling’ style of direct mail campaign.

A campaign that is sent to prospects, leads and ex-customers with the intention of selling them something.

Today, I want to share a case study of a unique campaign that did exactly this.

In fact, it generated $700,000 of sales in 30 days and was only sent to 242 people.

But before I share exactly how this unique campaign worked, let me ask you a question …

“Do you have an email list?”

Because if so, then you have cash sat right in front of you that is likely not being utilised, especially from a direct mail perspective.

Let me walk you through this case study.

Last year, we started working with a private client that approached us that had an email list of 4,000 people.

He’d pummelled it with offers, from low-ticket offers to his premium coaching/consulting … and in his words, they had “burnt it out”

But I had a different idea. I asked him if they’ve ever sent any direct mail? “Never’ he replied.

So, I sat down and strategised a unique direct mail campaign that went on to generate $700,000 of sales for his coaching product over the next 30 days.

And the best part? We only sent a piece of direct mail to 242 people.

You see, typically, most businesses run offers by creating a sales page, running a webinar or recording some videos and then driving absolutely everybody on their email list to it and crossing their fingers.

We decided to go the opposite way.

Rather than putting an offer in front of lots of people and seeing who bit. We decided to see who bit first, then putting the sales proposition in front of those people.

Here’s a breakdown of how the campaign worked:

  1. We sent an email series to the email subscribers that teased them about a huge opportunity that had opened, saying that we’re looking for a small number of people to work hands-on with (teasing at a big offer)

    If the prospect was interested, then they had to complete an online application form in order to receive a private package through the mail.

  2. From there, we generated 242 applications from people stating their current position, their current income and the reasons that they believed that we should work with them (essentially, selling themselves to us).
  3. We mailed them a piece of direct mail that contained two things.The first was a small pocket-sized booklet that was rammed full of testimonials/social proof.This overcame every objection, shared countless success stories and displayed overwhelming proof of proven concept.

    The second was an anti-sales letter that. What I mean by this is that rather than trying to sell, instead, the letter shared all the reasons that the prospect is not a good fit for the product.

    “You probably can’t afford it”
    “You’re probably not committed enough”
    “You probably moan too much”

    It basically built a wall of all the reasons that it’s not right for them – which meant that it motivated the people that were seriously interested to take action (and also tapped into the desire of proving people wrong to the rest).

    At the end of the letter, we then drove people to schedule a call if they still think that they’re the right fit for the product.

  4. We then had calls with everybody that had remained interested.The best part of this was that zero selling was involved – the prospect was already sold by this stage (due to the number of hoops we’d had them jump through).On the call, we had them sell themselves to us before inviting them to join and taking payment details.

This process generated $700k of sales and is now built into an ongoing process for all new leads that come in (it will add millions over the next few years).

Best of all, as this is only sent to a very small number of people – the offer won’t become exhausted like most offers do, our competitors don’t even know it exists and it will continue to perform consistently.

The direct mail campaign is now an asset to the clients business.

By taking a tired unengaged email list, finding the 1% of people that were interested in working with us then taking them through an offline process of elimination, we were left with determined “ideal” clients.

If you have an email list that’s sat there gathering dust, or even worse, being bombarded with offers that aren’t converting as strongly as you’d hope – then this offline “take-away” style direct mail campaign could be a quick way to convert them to new clients.

It’s proven, it’s simple to run and it doesn’t require you to slaughter your email list with yet another offer.



700k campaign


The “Take-Away” Direct Mail Campaign That Generated $700,000 of Sales from a Small Burnt-Out Email List (Without Having Any of the Subscribers Postal Details).

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700k campaign

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The “Take-Away” Direct Mail Campaign That Generated $700,000 of Sales from a Small Burnt-Out Email List (Without Having Any of the Subscribers Postal Details).

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