The Differences Between Core Desires & Surface Desires

By Oli Luke

Picture the scene …

It’s 11pm.

You’ve been out with your friends, having a few drinks.

I’ve been out with my friends, having a few drinks.

But at this moment, we’re both in the same bar.

We’re a little bit tipsy, and we’re stood on different sides of the room.

Out of nowhere … our eyes lock.

It’s intense.

I’m looking at you, looking you up and down, and you’re looking back at me … undressing me with your eyes.

Our hearts are pounding; our eyes are popping out of our heads in a cartoon fashion.

All of a sudden, everything seems like slow motion – the noise of the room disappears as we intensely stare at each other.

I walk over to you, each step closer filled with more and more anticipation and excitement.

The sexual tension in the air is unbearable.

Our eyes remain looking into each other’s.

Our stomachs are filled with butterflies that have never flapped so hard.

We get within feet of each other.

*Deep Breath*

I lean into your ear and mutter:

“Hey, shall we go and get married? I have a big house that you can come and live in, I have lots of money so you’ll never have to work again, you’ll be able to have anything you want, we’ll have exotic holidays in the most amazing places in the world, we’ll eat amazing food and we’ll be able to have children … interested?”

What would your reaction be?

You’d get as far away from me as possible, right?

But you see, what I have just done there is approached you and offered to meet a selection of your core desires.

I’ve offered you security, safety, happiness, wealth, health and everything that you as a human could ever really want.

But you’d run away from me like I was a lunatic.

But instead, what would happen if I would have walked up to you at that moment and instead, I said:

“Hey, can I buy you a drink?”

What would your reaction have been then?

You would have almost certainly have said YES.

Why? Because this would appeal to one your surface desires.

The stuff that makes you feel happy short term, the things that address the quick desires.

Food, drink, happiness, good feelings, etc.

Does that make sense?

Now the reason I’ve made up this hypothetical situation is because core desires and surface desires are a huge part of your marketing … yet I see so many people making the same mistakes by not understanding these.

The common place where people get this wrong is within their Lead Magnets.

The thing they give away in order to acquire prospects’ contact information.

What you must understand is that your Lead Magnet should always be focussed around a surface desire (never a core desire).

It’s much easier to get somebody interested in something that makes them feel happy (or gives them the feeling of progression) than it is to get them to be interested in something that seems big and far away.

Let me give you some examples …

If I were to offer you the following two options, which one would get your attention?

1. “How To Build a Six Figure Business, Work Less and Live a Life of Freedom”

2. “The Copy & Paste Email Template That Won Me 12 New Clients”

It would be number two, right?

Number one appeals to your core desires (the big things you want in life: wealth, happiness, etc.).

Number two appeals to your surface desires (the things that make you feel happier or feel positive right now).

Does that make sense?

Make sure any form of Lead Magnet or messaging that you want to drive action is focussed on surface desires.

Quick wins/short-term happiness/feeling of progression.

Getting the right desire attached to your Lead Magnet correctly will have a much bigger difference to your results than any fancy opt-in page or well-written bullet- points.

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The “Take-Away” Direct Mail Campaign That Generated $700,000 of Sales from a Small Burnt-Out Email List (Without Having Any of the Subscribers Postal Details).

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