Why Instagram “Entrepreneurs” Are as Believable as Religion.

By Oli Luke

I joined Instagram a few months ago.

What a fucking babble.

Basically, if you’re having a massive identity crisis and desperately want to appear to be important to your ex-girlfriends/boyfriends, then Instagram is your stomping ground.

Have a look at this …

I’ve just gone on and searched for the hashtag #entrepreneur

So …

According to the great entrepreneurs of Instagram, you can define entrepreneurship with:

  • A picture of a mansion with a swimming pool
  • A motivational quote over a picture of somebody getting out of a sports car
  • A fancy watch
  • Some tart showing off her tan lines
  • More “motivational” quotes

Hmmm …

I don’t know about you, but I’m an “entrepreneur” and the most glamorous part of today has been using my Costa Points to get a free coffee.

And for the rest of the day, I’ve been sat here WORKING.

Now, I don’t know about you – but I’m going to take a guess that your days don’t consist of sunsets, motivational quotes and private jets.

And I’ll make another prediction, neither do the days of the clowns that are posting this “entrepreneur” bullshit on Instagram.

Here’s the issue …

I couldn’t care less what some twonks want to post on social media or how desperate they are to attract sexual partners.

But what I do care about is what the perception of “entrepreneurism” is becoming.

Imagine growing up with the idea that being an entrepreneur is mansions, swimming pools and sports cars.

What a fucking shock you’ll have when you realise that it’s actually just being punched in the mouth numerous times and trying desperately not to be a terrible parent.

Speaking of this …

I went into my old school a few months ago to speak at an assembly about entrepreneurism … it was an experience.

I asked the room, “What do you think an entrepreneur does day-to-day?”

 The answers: Travel, go on holidays, drive nice cars …

Then I told them the truth.

“Well, I woke up at 5am this morning, and I worked until 8.30am to drive here … after this, I’ll work until 5pm before going home for a few hours to see my child and fiancé, then I’ll do a few hours’ work this evening.”

Yup. That shut them up … and it also showed the teachers that they don’t actually work as hard as they try to claim to.

I also slagged off the education system and told them that school isn’t actually that important … which didn’t go down too well with the teachers.

Anyway …

Back to the point; this social media perception of “business” and “entrepreneurship” is complete bollocks.

Do not for one second believe a word of it.


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