Why The Best Quality of Traffic Comes From Twitter (Step-By-Step Tutorial).

By Oli Luke


The people that you drive to your funnels and sales materials to generate sales.

There are so many different types that you can buy.

Google … Facebook … YouTube … plus hundreds of others (literally hundreds).

But there’s one traffic platform that is often overlooked but an absolute gold-mine if you follow what I’m about to share with you.

That is Twitter.

Now the reason that Twitter is such a beautiful source of traffic is because you can target specific handles followers (regardless of whether they’re followed by millions or few people).

It’s a bit like running a Facebook advert to everybody that follows specific pages or are parts of small groups (like you used to be able to do on Facebook during the glorious days of “Blue Leads”) …

But in this article, I’m going to walk you through researching your competitors, finding out where they’re buying traffic and then taking the top 1% of that audience, and targeting our adverts at it.

I’ll even share the formula for creating profitable Twitter Ads.

Let’s get stuck in …

Step 1. Where Are Your Competitors Advertising?

Firstly, we have to find where our competition is advertising. 

A great tool to use for this is called “What Runs Where” (www.whatrunswhere.com). 

This is literally the simplest yet most powerful way to research your competitors and spy on your competition.

This isn’t cheap – it’s $250/month – but there’s a $1 trial that gives you enough time to do everything you need with this tool and cancel (don’t tell them I said that). 

In order to walk you through how this is done, we’re going to do the research for a financial newsletter (one of Peters businesses).

So, what we want to do is go after our biggest competitor – their name is thecheapinvestor.com

They do some great marketing and I’m always in awe when I see their ads – so we can slap their domain into ‘What Runs Where’ and it tells us all of their traffic sources, the categories of their ads and even the banners hosts.

You can run a range of different reports, and see all sorts of their ads based on criteria.

Really smart.

(I feel like I sound like Trump when I used the word “Smart”)

From there, we want to select the traffic reports, which will show us all the websites where they’re currently running advertising.

As you can see, this list shows a huge 6,717 websites.

That is a lot of websites!

Now, we could be smart and go and advertise on the same websites and spend a little more to take all his traffic …

… but instead, we’re going to be even smarter.

We want to look at the top 10 websites where they buy their traffic.

  1. blackberrystocks.com
  2. stockpickr.com
  3. stockstobuy.org
  4. galaxystocks.com
  5. bestotc.com
  6. stocktrader.org.uk
  7. hotstockmarket.com
  8. askstockguru.com
  9. crwewallstreet.com
  10. realmoney.thestreet.com

The active users of these websites are our red-hot audience.

Just imagine if you could get an advert in front of the most responsive people that regularly use these websites … it would be a gold-mine, right?

Well …

That’s exactly what we can do. 

So, instead of just sticking the banner on that website we are actually going to go after the people that visit blackberrystocks.com who are active in the community. 

How do we do that? 

Well it actually surprisingly simple.

We go to the first website on our list: blackberrystocks.com

Here you can see, it’s an awful looking website but that doesn’t matter. 

We are here to find the link to their Twitter page.


As you can see, they have 14,400 followers on twitter. 

Now this is important. Why on earth is this important? 

Are you going to reach out to them and ask them to tweet and stuff? 

God no. 

We want to target this pages followers as an audience for our Twitter advertising campaign. 

Think about it … those people love that website so much they go ahead they follow them on twitter, they tweet with them, they engage and now you have a high quality user and what most people don’t realise is that because people are buying banner advertisements on that site, it is super relevant and it is making your competitors money by buying banner ads. 

So, imagine if you only targeted the 1% of people that decided they wanted to follow this business on Twitter … they’d be red-hot.

You can’t do that on Facebook or Google or anywhere else! 

Twitter is the only place that allows you to target people who are followers of someone with only ten thousand followers or even one thousand followers or even five followers.

It’s beautiful.

You then want to go through the top ten websites on your list, and note the Twitter handles of all their pages.

Make sense?

Step 2. Why Twitter Is Much Friendlier Than Facebook or Google

I’ve said it many times before, Facebook are bat-shit crazy and power-mad.

They close accounts without warning, and they’re unfair in their approach.

But with Twitter, their compliance actually makes sense!

If your ad doesn’t follow their rules, they don’t go mad and throw the book at you … but they will let you know what’s wrong and help you to fix your ad.

I know … this should be standard from every traffic platform, but it never is.

Step 3. Setting Up Your Audience

We then want to go into the targeting on Twitter Advertising (really easy to set up – it’s a simple version of Facebook).

And we want to paste the handles of all the pages that were on our list (see below).

You then want to create your advert, 

This ad is our most successful version.

This is bringing in a truck ton of money.

This ad has been responsible for upwards of $300k in sales … and it continues to convert. 

So why is this working?

First of all it says:

This Former Wall Street Forex Trader Reveals How he Gets 4 big winning Trades per Month’.

The headline is great. 

We followed a simple formula:

[world class example] Reveals How To [desired result]

We establish credibility by saying “Former Wall Street Forex Trader” … and then use a surface desire of “4 Big Winning Trades per Month”

When you create a Twitter ad, you want to state the headline in the Tweet.

Just write it at the top, nothing else. 

Don’t make any claims, don’t make any massive promises, don’t be over hype, just state the headline that is it. 

But the real magic is choosing the image.

This will determine whether you get the click.

I prefer to use a real or understated image and I always use it in black and white or Sepia, they both work well. 

And if you don’t know how to do that you just head over to Fiver.com and pay someone five bucks, they will just fix that image up for you.

There is a reason for this … 

When you say, “This Former Wall Street Forex Trader” … people are going to look at that image and be like “this is the guy” and if you use some kind of shitty stock photo where someone is looking at the camera and smiling with their thumbs up, it doesn’t look real. 

But this kind of looks real, right? 

This guy is just looking in the distance minding his own business with a coffee and an iPad … that is it. 

It’s really really simple and there is nothing fancy about it … but the trick here is because people look at that and go that must be the guy. 

This has nothing to do with the product we are selling; it has nothing to do with the call-to-action

Really it is just a guy staring out of the window. 

Does the opposite of what everyone else does with their ads – that’s why you should make them black & white whilst everybody else is trying to compete with each others vivid colours.

Step 4) Reviewing the Results – this is BEAUTIFUL

Once you’ve given the ad several days to run, we can then review the results … and this is where Twitter’s targeting stands out.

As you can see below, you can view each of the Twitter handles that you uploaded as the audience, and it will show you what’s converting and what’s not.

You can then eliminate the handles that aren’t working and add more from your big list within ‘What Runs Where’ …

Make sense?

So, let me just re-cap: 

  • You use what run where in order to find out where people are advertising. 
  • You find out where they are advertising then you pick the top 1% of the people who interact. 
  • People that follow them on Twitter, people that interact with the Tweet and you go after their Twitter handles
  • You run the ads and you simply eliminate the handles that doesn’t work.


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The “Take-Away” Direct Mail Campaign That Generated $700,000 of Sales from a Small Burnt-Out Email List (Without Having Any of the Subscribers Postal Details).

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The “Take-Away” Direct Mail Campaign That Generated $700,000 of Sales from a Small Burnt-Out Email List (Without Having Any of the Subscribers Postal Details).

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