You’re Not an “Expert”, You’re a Massive Bell End

By Oli Luke

There’s somebody that I follow on Facebook that in the three years that I’ve been “friends” with them, they’ve labelled themselves as a:

  • Social Media Expert
  • Facebook Expert
  • Fitness Expert
  • Life Coach
  • … and now they’re calling themselves “Bitcoinpreneur”

You might know who I’m talking about … you might not.

But it’s fucking embarrassing.

Let me holds my hand up, I’ve jumped around a little bit – I started by niching into direct mail, then I moved into funnels and now I’ve learnt my lessons and reverted back to direct mail …

… but I’ve always stayed in my lane.

Getting results from advanced marketing strategies is my thing … but the guy above is just a cash-chasing lunatic.

He constantly thinks there’s an easier way to make money so he moves from one thing to another thing …

Here’s the problem.

  • He’s not an expert at anything that he’s claimed to be (he’s never given it the time to hone his skills)
  • He seems to move onto the next thing every time something seems like hard work
  • Because of this, unless he gets incredibly lucky, then he’ll probably never achieve the success he’s obviously craving

But his big problem is, his entire focus is always on the next 30 days, never mind the next 12 months or the next five years …

… and I get it, people need to earn money.

But if this kid stopped buying fancy watches and instagraming his first class travel to try to give the impression that he’s the success that he isn’t – then maybe he wouldn’t need to sell quick shit to people to survive.

The internet has given us an immense ability to take our message to our market with ease, make sales and win customers all over the globe …

… but it’s also given birth to ego-hungry fuckers that are desperate to prove to their Dad that they’re successful and impress the 16-year old girl that turned them down for the school prom.

I don’t really know where this rant is going – but this guy really pissed me off with his “bitcoinpreneur” name – what a tool.

I also seen some guy on Instagram calling himself “Knowledgepreneur” – jesus, do me a favour, mate.

Horrible isn’t it?

What’s the message in this rant? Well, it’s three things.

  1. Drop your ego and focus on building a fucking business rather than giving the impression that you are.Seriously, if people actually just did the work without needing constant gratification – then they’d be much happier/much more successful.
  2. Stay in your lane, have patience and understand that the shiny light of “easy money” is almost never true.The trick is to go further/try more than anybody else in your industry does – the further down the rabbit-hole you go, the more untouchable you become.
  3. Never come up with your own “preneur” name thing – it’s embarrassing.If I ever call myself “directmailpreneur” – then I give you permission to shoot me in the face.

Focus, my friends.

I’ve learnt/learning the hard way that it’s always the answer.


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The “Take-Away” Direct Mail Campaign That Generated $700,000 of Sales from a Small Burnt-Out Email List (Without Having Any of the Subscribers Postal Details).

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